The danger
A new threat to vision is excessive radiation from the blue-violet light of a certain frequency range. The results can vary from premature fatigue right up to the development of age-related limitations to vision. As part of sunlight, blue-violet rays manage the melatonin level and ensure wellbeing. However, too much of them can lead to serious eye damage.

PC monitors and smartphone and tablet displays also emit blue-violet light.
For many people today the frequent and mostly time-consuming use of these devices is part of our daily life at work and often also in our free time, which means that our eyes receive an overdose of blue-violet light on a daily basis. The steadily increasing number of LED and halogen lights is further exacerbating the stress on eyes.

The protection
The unequivocal answer is Orgalit® Care!
Our new lens Orgalit® Care strongly reduces the blue-violet area of the light spectrum and therefore ideally protects the eyes against high energy visible light. Thanks to a slight tint, vision is especially comfortable and full of contrast. This has a noticeable positive impact both outside and indoors.