UV Protection

UV protection included: well protected, everywhere and every day
What suncream does for our skin, glasses do for our eyes: reliable protection against UVA and UVB sun radiation. If UV light penetrates our eyes unimpeded, in the long run it damages the lenses and the retina, which unlike our skin cells cannot regenerate. For a leading glasses lens producer like optovision this is reason enough to provide all types of glasses lenses – whether for sunglasses, sports glasses, progressive  glasses, single-vision glasses or children’s glasses – with a UV-protective layer of up to 400 nm as standard, and thus with 100% UV protection.  

Sunglasses: tinted does not mean protected
Who hasn’t been there: you finally get to the beach to discover you have forgotten your sunglasses. So you pop to the nearest street vendor and buy new ones. However, this is not such a good idea because tinted lenses do not necessarily have UV protection and doubly damage the eyes: as a result of the shadows that fall on the eyes the pupils are widened. This means that even more UV light can penetrate the eyes unimpeded.

100% UV protection: whether sunglasses, progressive  glasses or single-vision glasses
optovision® offers sunglasses and corrective lenses exclusively with UV protection up to a wavelength of 400 nm, so with 100% UV-protection. This means that you are well-equipped for the beach, mountains and daily life. We recommend that for sunglasses you choose big lenses and wide temples, which also protect your eyes from stray light at the sides.



Orgalit Care

The danger
A new threat to vision is excessive radiation from the blue-violet light of a certain frequency range. The results can vary from premature fatigue right up to the development of aged-related limitations to vision. As part of sunlight, blue-violet rays manage the melatonin level and ensure wellbeing. However, too much of them can lead to serious eye damage.

PC monitors and smartphone and tablet displays also emit blue-violet light.
For many people today the frequent and mostly time-consuming use of these devices is part of our daily life at work and often also in our free time, which means that our eyes receive an overdose of blue-violet light on a daily basis. The steadily increasing number of LED and halogen lights is further exacerbating the stress on eyes. 

The protection
The consequent answer is Orgalit® Care!
Our new lens Orgalit® Care strongly reduces the blue-violet area of the light spectrum and therefore ideally protects the eye against high energy visible light. Thanks to a slight tint, vision is especially comfortable and full of contrast. This has a noticeable positive impact both outside and indoors.