“I only allow optoVision quality on my eyes“

When it comes to ophthalmic optics there is virtually nothing more important than quality. In an industry where a great deal of production takes place in Asia, we manufacture our lenses only at our location in Langen, with trained specialists and high investment in modern machinery and manufacturing methods. This is how at a local level we can ensure our consistently high product quality, guarantee supplier reliability and offer our renowned good service, for which we have received recognition with a number of awards.

Customer satisfaction guarantee

We are only satisfied when you are

All optoVision® free-form products are high-performance, high-tech, latest generation products that meet the highest standards of vision and wearing comfort. They are made exclusively in Germany, in Langen near Frankfurt am Main, and individually manufactured for you.

However, should you not be satisfied with the optical performance of our lenses, as part of our customer satisfaction guarantee we offer you various alternatives regarding a new product. For exact details please ask your ophthalmic optician before you make a purchase.

Care tips

well maintained

As a general rule you should only clean your glasses under running water and dry them with a clean, soft cloth. This avoids scratches on the surface of the glass due to tiny dust particles. If your glasses are extremely dirty, a drop of washing-up liquid can help. If you are travelling your glasses are best kept in a hard case and never put them down with the lenses facing downwards. In order to enjoy your glasses for longer, you can also make use of the extensive range of maintenance services offered by your ophthalmic optician.

Smart shopping

well protected

Treat yourself to your dream glasses, including high-quality, high-tech lenses by optoVision®, and in addition to our customer satisfaction guarantee, snap up our attractive smart shopping offer. This includes exclusive benefits such as replacement lenses if you break or lose your glasses. For more details please enquire directly at your local ophthalmic optician.

OptoVision Premium Card

Your personal quality guarantee

When you buy premium optoVision® brand glasses you will receive your own personal optoVision Premium Card. This contains your individual lens data and naturally all the benefits of the optoVision satisfaction guarantee. For further information please enquire directly at your local ophthalmic optician.

Service Leader

Your No. 1 among lens manufacturers*

Would you like to buy your glasses from the best in the trade? Then you’ve come to the right place at optoVision®. In a performance rating carried out by industry publisher Markt Intern, optoVision® achieved first place when compared to the thirteen main manufacturers. Twelve categories were compared, with optoVision® ranking second two times and ranking top ten times, including in the categories of pricing policy and product quality. This means that you can be sure that ophthalmic opticians who offer lenses made by optoVision® offer you top quality at attractive prices.

*In the Brancheninformationsbrief Augenoptik/Optometrie of the markt intern Verlag GmbH, issue No. O 27/18, ISSN 14 31-3391 overall winner optoVision Leistungsspiegel Brillengläser 2018, grade 1,48, which corresponds to “very good” www.optik.markt-intern.de