Quality & Service

Focusing on the needs of independent opticians, strengthening and supporting them has paid off: for the fourth time in a row, optovision has won 1st place in the markt intern performance rating.

With this repeat victory in the category "Best lens manufacturer in Germany"* in 2022/23, optovision has continued its successes in 2016, 2018 and 2020/21.
The industry's renowned specialist publisher "markt intern" awards the sought-after distinction every two years. To determine the winner, the publisher queries opticians all across Germany about the performance of their lens suppliers. optovision secured the leading position, with a fantastic overall result: the top score of 1.59.

We will continue to focus on developing innovative concepts to provide customised support to independent opticians, the experts in the field. And together with these partners, we as a lens manufacturer are pursuing a clear goal: to give every individual customer the "perfect vision in every situation".

Customer satisfaction guarantee

We are only satisfied when you are

All optoVision® free-form products are high-performance, high-tech, latest generation products that meet the highest standards of vision and wearing comfort. They are manufactured exclusively and individually designed in Langen, Germany, near Frankfurt am Main.

However, should you not be satisfied with the optical performance of our lenses, as part of our customer satisfaction guarantee we offer you various alternatives regarding a new product. For details please ask your optician.

Smart shopping

Protect your lenses

Treat yourself to your perfect glasses, including high-quality, high-tech lenses by optoVision®, and in addition to our customer satisfaction guarantee, get our attractive smart shopping offer. This includes exclusive benefits such as replacement lenses if you break or lose your glasses. For details please ask your local optician.

OptoVision Premium Card

Your personal quality warranty

When you buy premium optoVision® brand glasses you will receive your own personal optoVision Premium Card. This contains your individual lens data and of course all the benefits of the optoVision satisfaction warranty. For further information please ask your local optician.

* In the Brancheninformationsbrief Augenoptik/Optometrie of the markt intern Verlag GmbH, issue No. O36/22, ISSN 14 31-3391 overall winner optovision Leistungsspiegel Brillengläser 2022/23, grade 1.59, which corresponds to “very good”. optovision.com/lsp