Colourful lenses – bring colour into your life
Escape the greyness of the daily grind! Whether in subtle nuances, bold tints or a trendy colour mix – sometimes there just has to be colour. Coloured lenses are currently ‘in’: they convey zest for life and are the perfect extra to match your favourite outfit. And they improve vision. Light tints e.g. in blue, yellow or green give the world greater contrast, so are ideal for sport and driving at night-time. optovision colour lenses always have 100% UV protection, regardless of the tint depth and lens prescription – so you can relax and enjoy every colour trend.

Tinted and colourful: lenses that lift your spirits
Sunshine, blue skies, care-free days – who wouldn’t want to get outside to enjoy life? Perhaps for once in totally new colours? In pink or violet. Aubergine or chocolate. In neon or retro green, one of our iconic BiColor combinations. With optovision, glasses become a fashion statement tailored to your exact taste. And, in fact, one that offers fun and joie de vivre in your daily life, because colours influence our mood. Red invigorates, blue is relaxing, orange and yellow are good-mood colours and rose pink ensures in the truest sense of the word that you can see the world through rose-tinted glasses again.

Mirrored lenses: a current style trend
International glasses trade fairs have once again shown that this summer mirrored glasses are setting the trend. Naturally, in addition to considering the aesthetics we also place emphasis on achieving the highest level of visual comfort together with optimal UV and anti-glare protection.