Sunglasses with vision acuity - Sun protection that can do more
To protect the eyes from the sun has become usual long ago for most of us. Seeing that sunglasses are wonderful accessories to underline our personal style – and can do way more than just UV-protection. For example, protect against reflection, increase contrasts, let the world indulge in new colors. Irrespective which sunglasses you choose. With lenses from optoVision you can relaxingly enjoy the sun. In all toning levels, at each location and in every vision acuity.

Sunglasses by optoVision®: As colorful as your life
When skiing over buckles and ice, by kite surfing, sailing or paddling, by driving or when you often have to change between indoors and outside – each situation has a different challenge to sunglasses. Are you often driving with your car? Then a pair of glasses in graduated tints makes more sense, where the coloring gets lighter from the top to the bottom. So you can see the armature very well, and at the same time you are not blended by the sun when throwing a glance on the street. In snow and at the ocean polarized glasses with an additional blending protection is a real comfort, to be able to see the environment a bit fuller of contrast. Or must you regularly put your sunglasses on or take it off? Then self-toning lenses make vision easier, just like the optoVision® ColorMatic-lenses which can color in and become clear within a matter of seconds. 

Good to know: Which tone is correct?
Sunglasses support you ideally, if the toning is done according to the area of use and the reason for use. In the city or when driving, extremely dark glasses can be a hindrance, at the water again a light tone is too weak. Here you can find the ideal tone for your sunglasses.

Toning degree 0:
The lenses are toned up to 20%, so it allows 80% sunlight to get through. Ideal for your everyday use glasses, if you have sensitive eyes.

Toning degree 1:
The toning with an intensity of 20-57% protects your eyes also on cloudy days.

Toning degree 2:
The ideal all-round-sunglasses for our latitude with a toning between 57 and 82%.

Toning degree 3:
With a toning of 80-92% only 8-18% of the sunlight falls on the eyes. The perfect protection for the holiday, whether at the water or in the mountains.

Toning degree 4:
The extreme sunglasses for athletes, who are on the go in high mountains. 92-97% of the sunlight is covered so that they are too dark for every day, especially for driving a vehicle.