Prescription sunglasses and UV protection
For most of us, protecting our eyes from the sun became the norm long ago, all the more so since sunglasses are fabulous accessories to emphasise our personal style – and can do way more than just provide UV protection. For example, they can provide anti-glare protection, enhance contrast and immerse the world in new colours. Whichever sunglasses you choose, with lenses from optovision you can comfortably enjoy the sun, at any tint level, anywhere and at any eye prescription strength.

Sunglasses by optovision: as varied as your life
When skiing over moguls and ice, kite surfing, sailing or paddling, driving or when you frequently need to change between indoors and outdoors – each situation is different and poses another challenge to sunglasses. Are you often driving your car? Then a pair of glasses in graduated tints makes more sense, where the tint gets lighter from the top to the bottom, so that you can see the dashboard well, and at the same time you are not blinded by the sun when glancing at the road. In snow and by the sea polarised glasses with additional anti-glare protection are beneficial in order to be able to see your surroundings in greater contrast. Or do you need to regularly take your sunglasses on or off? Then self-tinting (photochromic) lenses make vision easier, such as optovision ColorMatic-lenses, which can darken or lighten within a matter of seconds. 

Good to know: which tint is the right one?
Sunglasses support you best if the tint is adapted to the place of use and their intended purpose. In the city or when driving, extremely dark glasses can be a hindrance, whereas by water a light tint is too weak.
The guide below will enable you to find the ideal tint level for your sunglasses.

Depth of tint 0:
The lenses are tinted up to 20%, thus allowing 80% of sunlight to get through. Ideal for your everyday use glasses, if your eyes are sensitive to the sun.

Depth of tint 1:
Tinting with an intensity of 20-57% protects your eyes even on cloudy days.

Depth of tint 2:
Ideal all-round sunglasses for our latitude, with tinting between 57 and 82%.

Depth of tint 3:
With a tint of 80-92% only 8-18% of sunlight reaches the eyes. The perfect protection for holidays, whether at the waterside or in the mountains.

Depth of tint 4:
Extreme sunglasses for mountain sports at high altitude. 92-97% of sunlight is shielded, so these are too dark for everyday use, especially when driving a vehicle.