Sport glasses

Prescription sports glasses – use your full vision potential
Have you been using your normal glasses for sport up to now? Then you will be amazed by how much more fun you will have with well-fitted sports glasses. And at optovision, this means that your sports glasses are completely adapted to you and your sport. Tinting and colour vary from completely clear to extremely dark or mirrored. Anti-glare protection filters uncomfortable snow or water reflections away and you can also see sideways without distortions. In addition, the multilayered i-Protection®+ coating makes the lenses extremely resistant to scratches and dirt. And, of course, your new lenses are comfortably light and guaranteed shatterproof.

Extremely curved: sports glasses as all-round protection
Did you know that most eye injuries occur through sporting accidents? The most frequent causes are balls. Yet even when there are no serious injuries, airstreams, dust and insects can cause teary eyes, while UV rays  damage our eyes completely invisibly – not just in snow or at the seaside. Sports glasses are therefore optimised for frames that are strongly curved around and thus provide all-over protection for your eyes, even from stray rays at the sides.

Extremely demanding: customisation to your eyes
Extremely curved lenses require a lot of technical expertise, so that they can also allow you to see clearly from the side without any distortions – an absolute "must" for sport in particular. optovision sports lenses are manufactured using cutting-edge free-form technology. This means that every single point of the lens is optimised for your eyes and your own personal wearing conditions; and of course they are also available as  progressive lenses. upon request. optovision progressive  sports lenses offer you wide fields of vision in any sight range. So your eyes can adjust quickly to the new glasses and you can hit the ground running right from the word go.