Care tips

Care tips for your glasses – so that you can keep a clear view
At last the right pair of glasses! In order for you to enjoy them for as long as possible and so that you can continue to see crystal clearly through your new lenses even after many years, the right care is essential – ideally combined with a special i-Protection®+ coating with 11 protective layers.

Microfibre cloth rather than T-Shirts
Do you sometimes grab kitchen roll or pocket tissues to clean your glasses quickly? Unfortunately, this is not a good idea because the enclosed coarse cellulose fibres work like sandpaper. And sooner or later the lenses will become unusable. It is preferable to use special microfibre cloths, which you can get from your optician.

When travelling always use a glasses case
At home you can put your glasses down in a safe place – naturally with the lenses facing upwards. However, when travelling your glasses are best kept in a hard glasses case rather than in a handbag, a pocket or your hair.


A regular ultrasound bath
In addition to your own cleaning regime, a regular ultrasound bath at your optician will make your lenses and frames shine again. This kind of maintenance is best done every 4 to 6 months.

Only lenses with high-quality coatings
85% of all lens damage is caused by poor-quality coatings. A safe option is a brand coating such as i-Protection®+. i-Protection®+ protects your lenses with up to 11 protective coating layers, which are vacuum deposited on the lens using the latest nanotechnology. Depending on the intended use of your glasses you can choose between four protective layers. What these all have in common is that they provide optimal protection for your glasses from scratches and considerably increase the life span of your glasses.