Tired eyes?

A holiday for your eyes – this is how to make tired eyes fit again
Do you watch your diet? Play sport? Treat yourself to regular breaks? Then it’s high time to do something for the wellbeing of your eyes as well. Because for most of us, our eyes perform demanding work: during the day in front of the computer, and in the evening watching television, a tablet or your smartphone. At some stage they feel really tired, become red and get a “burning” sensation, almost as if a fine layer of sand is covering the cornea. This is a clear sign that the eyes are being overworked. There is a lot that can be done to help this – and not just with the right glasses.

Up to 30,000 changes of view a day
Keyboard, monitor, documents, colleagues, keyboard, documents...
Up to 30,000 times a day we have to adjust our eyes to various different distances, a task that becomes increasingly strenuous for the eye from the age of 30 onwards. Added to this are the typical long and fixed gazes at the PC monitor when we literally forget to blink. And finally, we have to deal with the blue light of modern television, PCs, lap tops, tablets and smartphones. Blue light can, over the long term, damage the retina.

The good news is that we can help our eyes with regular breaks and optimal working conditions, as well as with well-fitted glasses. If sight defects are not corrected or if our glasses do not ”fit”, this additionally tires the eye muscles.

Right glasses – healthy posture
Ideally glasses support the eyes in their frequent changes of view.  Computer glasses or indoor glasses with different visual zones are exactly adapted to the distance to your computer workspace and ensure – almost incidentally – the right body posture. This means that you can see well at any distance and do not have to bend forwards or backwards, so you sit more comfortably and avoid having a stiff neck and headaches. Of course, office glasses can be optimized for any distance: for tradesmen and dentists as well as for handicrafts, knitting or cooking.

Better protected: workplace glasses with a blue-light filter
If glasses are also fitted with a blue-light filter, this decreases the blue light that is so strenuous to the eye. This is a worthwhile investment because the virtually invisible filter enables relaxed vision right up until the evening.

Tips on relaxing your eyes:
1. It doesn’t matter what you are doing: allow your eyes a break of around 15 minutes after two hours at the most.
2. Every now and then shut your eyes for a short time and place your warm palms over your eyelids.
3. Use pauses for thought to look out of the window.
4. Check that your monitor has the right position: depending on its size, 60 to 100 cm away from your eyes, with the top edge at eye level and at a right angle to the windows.
5. Have your eyes tested every two years, so that your glasses can relieve your eyes as well as possible.
6. For those needing additional help: Time Out for Macs und FadeTop for Windows fade out the monitor at regular intervals and remind you to take a break.