Protective Coatings

Nano layers and coatings
Nature sets a perfect example: it protects its precious contents using clever packaging. The optovision layers of your glasses lenses work in a similar way: they securely wrap your lenses from both sides in various protective layers – individually suited to the requirements of your daily life. In doing so they do not just protect the lens from dust, dirt and scratches; for your eyes, they represent a genuine benefit for vision comfort because they hold back harmful UV rays and blue-violet PC light.

Clear, light and without reflections: the anti-reflection coating
Lenses that are practically invisible – this can only be achieved through an anti-reflection coating. Because if lenses are covered with an anti-reflection coating on both sides, hardly any light reflections will be seen, like reflective windows or lamps for example. The person opposite you will see your eyes clearly and distinctly – and you will have better vision. An anti-reflection coating ensures that less light is reflected while allowing more light through the lenses. You will see more clearly and distinctly and colours will appear more natural, whether you are driving, reading or in front of a screen.

Orgadur hard coating: see crystal clear without any scratches
Synthetic lenses are wonderfully light and therefore especially comfortable to wear. However, they are softer than mineral lenses – and so more sensitive. Just putting your glasses down can lead to tiny scratches, impairing your vision. This problem does not arise if there is an Orgadur hard coating. This hard coating, perfectly matched to the lens material, makes the lens resistant to scratches and abrasions –permanently, in fact.

i-Protection®+ – the new freedom
Layer upon layer a delight for your eyes – and for your level of living comfort: with i-Protection®+ you are choosing full protection for your lenses and the best comfort for your vision in any kind of light. Up to 11 layers – including an Orgadur hard coating, a broadband anti-reflection coating, an antistatic layer and a lotus effect coating – are deposited on both sides of the lens using one of the world’s most innovative nano-layering technologies. The result is all-round protection, which protects against blue-violet light, reduces UV reflections, minimises reflections and makes the lenses extremely resistant and low-maintenance.

Lens coatings as unique as you are – with i-Protection®+ you can colour match the residual reflection that occurs with anti-reflection coating to your personal style or glasses frames. Whether green, blue or an almost invisible light green, treat yourself to a small but aesthetically striking detail.