Lenses for reading, working at the computer and indoors

Workplace glasses – less eye strain in front of the screen
Do you know that feeling? After walking, cycling or jogging you collapse exhausted on the sofa. Our eyes feel exactly the same after a long day at the office. The hours and hours of reading on the monitor, seeing under artificial light and continuously switching between keyboard, documents, computer and colleagues is like a daily marathon for our eyes. The good news: we can support our eyes at our workplace and noticeably relieve them, with Indoor® Fit from optovision, the lenses that make your eyes fit for your working day.
See more relaxed, work more relaxed

Workplace lenses have a special feature. Unlike progressive  lenses, which cover all fields of vision, Indoor® Fit lenses concentrate on close-up and middle distances. In this way they offer a wider field of vision and smoother transitions between different areas, greatly helping the eyes to focus. You can get Indoor® Fit lenses tailored exactly to suit your workplace, your reading habits or your hobby: adapted to the seating and workplace height and also to body and head posture as well as to the distance from your monitor, keyboard, recipe book, music book, drawing pad…  It does you good when your eyes are relaxed instead of tired and red, and you are able to concentrate and perform right up until the evening.

Indoor® Fit Book: the reading lenses with a bonus
An extra wide close-up range is ideal for anyone who reads a lot, whether they are reading architectural plans, test papers, books, newspapers or tablets. The advantage over traditional reading glasses: with Indoor® Fit reading lenses you can look at a screen or look up to have a conversation with whoever is sitting opposite you without needing to take your glasses on or off on a constant basis.

Indoor® Fit PC: relaxed in front of the screen
optovision PC glasses have a narrower close-up range. For this purpose, the upper area you use to look at the screen is comfortably large. So you can easily look straight ahead – without having to lift your head slightly. With perfectly adapted PC glasses you also avoid neck and shoulder pain. By the way: talk to your employer about workplace glasses. If normal glasses are no longer sufficient, your employer is legally obliged to support you financially.

Indoor® Fit Room: the whole room in one view
With Indoor® Fit workplace glasses you can comfortably look at your colleagues, communicate with clients and still switch between working on your computer and browsing through documents. This is because here the field of vision is balanced between nearly 40 cm up to a room depth of 3.50 metres.

i-Protection® Blue GT+ : extra protection for stressed “office eyes”
Did you know that modern screens are getting bluer by the day? Because the more blue light they have, the brighter the picture. However, in the long run blue light can damage our eyes. i-Protection® Blue GT therefore contains a blue-light filter that protects your eyes against blue-violet light. At the same time the 11-layer coating reduces uncomfortable reflections on your lenses – especially recommended inside where there are many different light sources.