optoVision® - Quality "Made in Germany"
Lenses made from various materials, in different colours and finishes, from single vision lenses through to individual progressive lenses: since its foundation in 1979 optoVision® has produced modern lens technology in Langen, located in the region of southern Hesse. Today, optoVision® has some 400 employees and manufactures over 2 million lenses a year – exclusively „Made in Germany” – in one of the most cutting-edge production facilities in the world.  Lenses by optoVision® are innovative and technologically advanced products, developed and manufactured in accordance with the latest research findings. Each lens embodies the expertise of highly-trained employees, along with innovative materials and the most up-to-date high-tech precision technology.

"Made in Germany" – our location, our company philosophy
optoVision® brand lenses are developed and manufactured in Germany. “Made in Germany” stands for German brand quality, innovative technology and highly qualified specialist staff. At the location in Langen, each year optoVision® trains junior specialist staff in areas such as process mechanics for spectacle optics and mechatronics.
Our short delivery distances are another element of „Made in Germany“. As a partner of independent opticians in Germany, we guarantee delivery reliability of over 95%. In addition to Germany, optoVision® has a presence with its brand-name lenses in 12 European and international markets.