Formula 2 Drive - the ideal lens for reduced glare, increased contrast and increased traffic safety

Looking Ahead

Glare - danger in traffic

The human eye is highly sensitive to glare. Major differences in brightness often occur in traffic situations due, for example, to oncoming vehicles. Glare which occurs in these situations is known as relative glare.


Millions of rods and cones on the retina are highly overexposed in such situations. This has a negative influence both on visual acuity and colour vision.
This type of glare also diverts attention, which can result in a delayed reaction time. This can increase the risk of accidents.

In addition to relative glare, night myopia can also present a risk in terms of traffic safety. It is impossible to make generalisations about the effects in specific cases. Tests need to be carried out in order to determine whether night myopia is an issue - we recommend individual checks. With the i'Syncro 3D optotype display and aberometer, optoVision proposes to powerful systems for lens consultation.



traffic accidents per year on German roads due to sight problems.1

34,3 m.

motorists in Germany are reliant on spectacles.4


of German drivers feel that their driving is impaired due to poor vision.2

7,5 m.

drivers in Germany cannot see properly in the dark3

Next Generation

Formula 2 Drive

Following the huge success of the Formula Drive lenses, we are now launching the new generation - Formula 2 Drive. Thanks to a number of new features and optional individual improvements, Formula 2 Drive can be adapted even more effectively to customers' requirements.

  • In order to guarantee optimum vision while driving, it is possible to adjust the focus of their usable field of vision individually to suit their requirements (balanced distance vision).
  • The field- tested lens design has been optimised in order to guarantee accurate vision even in the most challenging environments. The geometry of the lens has been improved which includes a better alignment of the base curves.
  • The new surface geometry of Orgalit® Premium Formula 2 Drive enhances the image quality in the peripheral area as well as the aesthetics of the lens.
  • Wider product range. It is now simpler to choose a suitable lens thanks to the availability of indexes 1.6 and 1.67.

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Without Formula 2 Drive, poor contrasts and reflections impair the vision.


Formula 2 Drive significantly reduces glare and enhances contrast while driving.

Anti-reflection coating

guarantees safety in all situations

i-Protection® Blue GT (Glare Technology) anti-reflection coating

Every second counts while driving. Glare from other drivers and annoying reflections on spectacle lenses are distracting and slow down reaction times. We have developed the Premium-Coating i-Protection® Blue GT specifically to respond to these challenging situations.


The i-Protection® Blue GT is a combination of two innovative anti-reflective coatings. We have improved our i-Protection® Blue on the front surface of the spectacle lens in order to minimise glare even more.
The low-flex coating on the back surface of the lens minimises reflections in order to prevent glare caused by light entering from the side. Together with our innovative material, the i-Protection® Blue GT coating therefore not only protects against high-energy light, it also minimises glare from other vehicles.

Outer surface - i-Protection® Blue GT

60 %

protection against high-energy light


Optimum visual acuity even in poor lighting conditions

28.78 m

Avoidance of relative glare (one second glare corresponds to 28.78m >blind flight< at 100km/h)

Inner surface - low-flex coating


No distraction due to annoying reflections

24 h

Increased glare protection from behind both day and night

Recommended by professionals and tested under the toughest conditions

Race car drivers are faced with the ultimate challenge. Tanja and Rickard Nilsson from Nilsson Motor Sport – the perfect candidates to test Formula 2 Drive.

Practice test

>A clear vision is essential for car racing: our reactions have to be perfect at all speeds and under all lighting conditions. Poor vision and poor contrasts are not an option for us and in many cases are dangerous. We need specialised lenses for the race track and Formula 2 Drive sets the benchmark. Our motto is ‘never again will we go without.‹