Eye examinations in a digital age

The eyesight check as a 3D Experience
Can you still remember your last eye test? Huge letters, small letters, minute letters. For many years the eyes have been measured in the same way. One eye is covered and the other must recognise figures or signs. Providing unequivocal responses to the many questions during this process is not always that easy. Good job this is now a thing of the past! From now on, with optovision you only need to undergo the i’Syncro 3D-experience eye examination.

Cinema quality at your optician
With new 3D eye examination technology your entire eye measurement is carried out three-dimensionally and in colour. While you relax looking at a beautiful landscape, feeling as if you are actually in the middle of it, you won’t even notice that your right and left eyes are being offered separate pictures. It no longer feels like a test; the eye examination has turned into a 3D-experience, enabling precise results and guaranteeing greater enjoyment. This also makes it ideal for kids and young people.

The "fingerprint" of your eyes                                                                                 
With the Visionix VX 120 we are providing our opticians with a further exceptional eye measuring device. The VX 120 measures all relevant parameters of your eyes fully automatically and with high precision. This is used to create a map of your eyes, from which all refraction measurements can be determined, depending on the intensity and aberrations of higher and lower order for distance and proximity. At the same time, from a diagnostic perspective the device offers interesting results about medical parameters such as intraocular tension. See your eyes like you have never seen them before.