Frame and lenses - ensuring perfect interplay

Your perfect visual experience thanks to innovative 3D measuring technology

The geometry and anatomy of your eyes is unique just like a fingerprint. Simply checking your vision is not quite enough to perfectly match lenses to your needs and requirements.

Measuring your eyes together with the frame considering usage and wearing habits with a high-precision device is necessary to reach the full potential of the newest generation of lenses. Amongst other things, it is essential to determine the exact spot where the eyes intersect the frame as well as the angle of the lens and frame in reference to your eyes. Remember: The anatomy of your eyes and face are unique.
Measuring eyes and frame – or decentration – using the VET 4.0 integrated 3D stereo camera system only takes seconds. With just one take the ultra-modern, high-tech tower analyses all required parameters for perfect performance of lenses. Just relax in front of the system in your normal head and body position for perfect results.
optovision® uses the transmitted data to produce a pair of highly individualized lenses using the most advanced technology, following the highest quality standards Made in Germany.

The result: A perfect pair of individualized lenses for the best visual experience made possible by state-of-the-art 3D measuring technology, the highest quality lenses and the ultimate consultation by your optician.