Polarised lenses – see what really matters
How restful for your eyes: to see the road instead of lights on the wet tarmac, the lake instead of reflections on the waves, and bumps in the snow instead of the dazzling sunlight. This enormous advantage in comfortable vision is offered by sunglasses that use cutting-edge technology to differentiate between sunrays and reflections, or in technical jargon, polarised glasses. These contain a film in the lens that works like a filter: sunlight is allowed through but the associated glare is not.

Fewer reflections and more contrast with a polarisation filter
However, optovision polarised glasses can do more. Not only do they prevent the annoying reflections that occur during sport or driving for example, they also enhance contrast by being tinted. Details can thus be seen significantly more clearly. This also allows the eyes to be more relaxed and you can actually see what you really need to see. optovision glare-free, contrast-enhancing lenses are available upon request for your sun glasses, progressive glasses or your  sports glasses.