Eye examinations

Standard eye measurement or a tailored approach?
Few of our organs are as individual as our eyes – even twins see differently. And no other organ perceives our surroundings as acutely as our eyes. 80% of our sensory impressions are obtained by seeing.
This is reason enough to choose a pair of glasses that support our eyes as well as possible. Yet is a traditional eye examination sufficient? And when does it make sense to conduct an eye examination that captures a whole range of additional data?

The base values for good vision
Spheres, cylinders, prisms, pupil distance, vertex distance, face form angle –  this might sound like unintelligible opticians’ language but for optovision it is the basis for manufacturing lenses that suit you using cutting-edge technology. This data is determined by your optician or ophthalmologist, who should carry out an assessment every two years. However, not every eye examination is the same.

More data – more visual comfort
Depending on which glasses you want and your level of visual impairment, it may be beneficial to obtain further data in addition to the standard measurements. For example, if you need highly specialised glasses for certain tasks, driving glasses, sports glasses or computer monitor glasses; or progressive glasses, which should fit 100% correctly right from the outset; or where there is an astigmatism in addition to short- or long-sightedness. But also, of course, if you just don’t want to make any compromises when it comes to your sight.

“100% plus” with customised measurement
In all of these cases custom-made lenses make sense.  For these, the optician will take measurements based on the intended use of the glasses, the distance you take to read, how your eyes move for close-up vision, how they work together for spatial vision and a lot more. The more individually your lenses are fitted to your eyes in such cases, the better you will see: with clarity right up to the edges, in sharp contrast even at night, in vibrant colour in any light, 3D-optimised, clear and fresh around the clock.

For your eye examination optovision provides your optician with state-of-the-art diagnostic instruments: i’Syncro 2.0 for 3D eye examinations and an aberrometer with the latest wavefront technology, VX120 by Visionix, for highly precise measurement of your eyes.