Progressive lenses

Progressive lenses, the all-rounder: glasses for any distance
Whether looking across the ocean or at mountains. During a conversation with your partner, your client or friends. Whether comfortably browsing a newspaper or tablet or doing on an exciting trail on your mountain bike. Don’t make any more compromises when it comes to your vision – in any situation. With optovision progressive lenses you can see the world at any distance with new eyes, continuously, with immediate sharp vision and with comfortable, wide fields of vision, whether nearby, in the middle distance or far away. And of course, exactly fitted to your eyes and viewing habits.
You’re wearing progressive lenses? You can’t tell at all!
No wonder: modern progressive lenses make themselves almost invisible, because the transitions between looking at a tablet with razor-sharp vision and a relaxing gaze at the horizon are continuous and seamless – unlike bifocal glasses, which incorporate a small “window” for the short-sighted area in the lenses. Although in the end this change is so unobtrusive it can hardly be seen, every lens is actually a masterpiece.
Progressive lenses allow all vision distances from far to near to be sharply focused. Moreover, you can see clearly in all distances in between. A huge amount of data on your eyes and viewing habits needs to be considered. How much support do your eyes need for close-up vision? What is the frame wrap angle of your frames? At what distance do you read the newspaper? What are your viewing habits? All of this and further questions will be clarified during an individual consultation with your ophthalmic optician.

Not all progressive lenses are the same
The more measurements are integrated into a progressive lens like I’Vision® or O’Design®, the better the spontaneous compatibility. For the lenses to ”work” immediately, an enormous amount of knowledge and cutting-edge manufacturing technology are required. This is why optovision manufactures its progressive lenses in Germany. And almost exclusively in free-form technology, which means your lenses are made precisely to fit to your eye. This is how genuine vision quality is achieved.

Progressives – for nearly everything
It goes without saying that you can get your optovision lenses tailor-made for your preferred use: for driving, for sport or as fully protective sports glasses with shatterproof lenses and extremely light lenses, or for all-round use with self-tinting sun protection. Moreover, if you regularly work at a computer, our close vision and indoor lenses are the perfect addition: Indoor® Fit lenses are ideally tailored to your workspace and therefore offer particularly wide fields of vision. The benefit for you is that you can retain your natural head and body posture and therefore prevent headaches or muscular tension at work.

All lenses include extra protection
Upon request, all optovision progressive lenses are protected by up to 11 layers of strong i-Protection®+ coatings. This means maximum protection for your lenses and extra comfort for your eyes.