Driving glasses

Driving glasses – greater safety on the road
Hardly any situation presents as many challenges to your eyes as driving: fog, wet conditions, blinding LED headlights, clouds, blue skies, low sun, city or countryside, and constant switching between street, mirror and dashboard. A real challenge for glasses – and therefore a great benefit if your lenses can perfectly support the eyes at any moment, like Formula 2 Drive lenses from optoVision®.

Formula 2 Drive lenses protect eyes from being blinded – especially at night
Wet tarmac, oncoming vehicles, reflecting glass and metal areas – at a minimum we are unpleasantly dazzled, and in the worst cases totally blinded for a few seconds. It is precisely these reflections that anti-glare protection keeps at bay. You can see better – and drive safely.

Formula 2 Drive lenses create contrasts
If shapes become blurred in mist or in the twilight, Formula 2 Drive lenses with a slight tint ensure sharper contrasts – also when glancing at traffic signs. Pure relaxation for your eyes.