Latest premium lens coating

Using our innovative ion technology, as well as the latest coating materials and processes, we have been able to optimise surface smoothness and thus ease of care. In addition, the new i-Protection+ family convinces not only with the outstanding lotus effect, but also with an increase in robustness and durability.

Which is the right lens coating for me?

With i-Protection®+ you have the choice between three premium coatings with different colours and functions.
Find out which option is right for you - To learn more, simply click through the options:

The options

Your plus for more freedom

i-Protection Pure HT+

First and foremost, the new i-Protection® Pure HT+ features greatly reduced reflections on the lens and thus maximum combination possibilities with different spectacle colours and shapes.
From now on, there are no more excuses - individuality is the motto!

+ Low and warm blue-violet residual reflex
+ Now even more robust and durable
+ Fits every frame colour and every complexion

Blue GT+

Your plus for more protection

i-Protection Blue GT+

Just like the sun, PC monitors, smartphone and tablet displays and LED lights emit blue-violet light, which can be extremely stressful or even harmful to the eyes.
Lenses coated with i-Protection® Blue GT+ can reduce the stress on the eyes.

+ Blue rest-reflex
+ Now even more robust and durable
+ Optimised reduction of harmful blue-violet light


Your plus for optimal care properties

i-Protection NT+

Lenses finished with the high-end i-Protection® NT+ coating are extremely dust-repellent thanks to the low surface tension and therefore very easy to care for.
This coating option is the classic among the finishes and, with the "+", is at the very cutting edge of technology."

+ Classic green rest-reflex
+ Now even more robust and durable
+ Extremely easy to care for

Pure HT+