The new freedom – Glasses as individual as you are
Increasingly, both women and men use glasses to express their own personal style as well as possible. However, until recently, the joy of fashion design stopped once it got to lenses. With the new i-Protection® coating range you can now freely choose, without a difference in cost or quality, whether you would prefer wearing lenses with blue, green or just a minimal light green residual reflection.

Three Premium-Coatings for the same price
• Dirt-repellant
• Extremely scratch-resistant 
• 3 year manufacturer guarantee

The design-solution - i-Protection® Pure HT
Leading the way, the new i-Protection® Pure HT offers maximum combination options with various frame colours and shapes using just a minimal residual reflection. From now on, there are no limits – individuality is the name of the game!

Optimal protection- i-Protection® Blue GT
Just like the sun, PC monitors, smartphone and tablet displays as well as LED lights emit blue-violet light, which strains the eyes a great deal or can even damage them. i-Protection® Blue GT coated lenses significantly reduce this stress on the eyes.

The premium classic - i-Protection® NT
High-end i-Protection® NT coated lenses are – due to their low surface tension – extremely dust-repellent and therefore very easy to maintain. Additionally, an Orgadur® hard coating, which is perfectly adapted to the base lens material, makes the lenses twice as scratch-resistant as many comparable products.

Further information about our coating range can be found under "protective coatings".