Children's glasses

The first pair of glasses matter
Seeing well right from the start: this is something that can be achieved with children’s glasses, which have their own particular requirements. They need to be as light as a feather, sit especially well on the sensitive nose of a child and withstand quite a lot. Lastly, kids want to run around and play as much as they like, with or without glasses. And naturally the glasses need to support the child’s eyes as well as possible with their vision. With completely shatterproof lenses that are individually adapted to the eyes and the fitting of the frame. With lenses that are extra thin and finely cut, and with a protective layer against damaging UV rays. This means lenses from optoVision® and quality “Made in Germany”.

When vision learns to walk
Kids learn to see the same way that they learn to walk: little by little. Only at the age of four can they see the world in full clarity, and only at the age of 10 to 12 years is their vision the same as that of adults. This slow development has a great advantage: if vision defects are discovered before a child is three years old, they can often be corrected without any permanent impairment. This is why you should already take your toddler to see an optician, even if there are no noticeable vision defects – because if just one eye deteriorates, it can sometimes remain undetected for a long time.

Higher UV protection: a must-have for children’s glasses
Unlike the eyes of adults, children’s eyes have larger pupils and clearer lenses with less pigment. As a result, children’s eyes are more sensitive to light. In comparison to adults around 70% more UV rays reach the retina. For this reason, children up to the age of one year should never be in direct sunlight. After that, sunglasses are a must, especially by water, in snow and in the mountains because the reflections can almost double radiation from sunrays. And, just as importantly, the appropriate consultant for children’s sunglasses is your optician. Only then can you be absolutely sure that the lens actually has UV-ray protection. Light, shatterproof and well protected Children’s glasses must be able to withstand a lot. Glasses are swiftly put down with the lenses facing downwards, fall off noses or are thrown into a schoolbag. Earpieces that can be bent in all directions therefore make sense, as do specially coated lenses. An Orgadur hard coating makes the lens surface immune to the robust treatment of a child’s day. If the lenses are to have additional anti-glare protection, i-Protection® is the first choice. The coating of up to eleven layers protects the lenses and also facilitates vision, whether for learning, playing or looking at a smartphone.