UV-Protection inclusive - Best protection. Everywhere and every day
What sun cream does for our skin, the glasses do for our eyes: a secure protection against UVA and UVB sun radiation. If UV-light unresistingly falls on our eye, it damages on the long run the lenses and the retina, which cannot like our skin recuperate the cells. For one of the leading lens producers like optoVision® it is reason enough, to provide all types of lenses – whether lenses for sunglasses, sport glasses, progressive glasses, single vision glasses or children’s glasses - according to standard with a UV-protection cover of 380 nm, with a 100% UV-protection. 

Sunglasses: tinted does not mean protected
Who does not know it: finally on the beach and the sunglasses forgotten at home. So quickly to the next flying dealer and new one was bought. Not such a good idea because tinted lenses do not necessarily have UV-protection and damages the eyes doubly at the same time: through the shadow which fall on the eyes the pupils are widened. Therefore even more UV-light can unresistingly fall in the eyes.

100% UV-Protection: whether sunglasses, whether progressive or Single vision glasses
optoVision® exclusively offers you sunglasses and corrections lenses with UV-protection up to a wavelength of 380 nm, so with a 100% UV-protection, for extreme conditions also up to a wavelength of 400 nm. With that you are well equipped for the beach, the mountains and for daily life. We recommend, you choose big lenses and wide ear buckles which also protect your eyes from the side stray light.