Formula 2 Drive: Lenses for even more safety on the road

Just in time for autumn, optoVision® provides drivers with new, innovative spectacle lenses. Whether as single vision or progressive lenses - Formula 2 Drive, the next generation for improved safety and visual performance in traffic.
Increased caution is required, especially during the dark season of the year with low visibility, increased glare and challenging weather and lighting conditions.

With its light tint and specially developed anti-reflective coating, Formula 2 Drive ensures maximum visual performance even in poor visibility. Disturbing glare and light reflections are significantly reduced, contrasts and details are improved and the high-energy blue light of modern xenon and LED headlights is reduced by up to 60 percent. Additional benefit, enlarged fields of vision all the way to the edges. Easy changes between road, mirrors and navigation devices - while maintaining perfect visual acuity.

The new Formula 2 Drive lenses from optoVision®: the decision for increased traffic safety, in any weather condition and in any situation.