Values & Philosophy

Our objective: 100% visual performance in every situation
We would like people with spectacle lenses from optoVision® to see the world more clearly, in greater beauty and brighter colours, and just simply better. This is our passion; this is what we strive towards on a daily basis, with high-tech precision technology, innovative materials and highly qualified employees. We recognise in which areas of life we can improve vision and how we can contribute to better health and security. We identify new methods and opportunities and develop solutions that offer maximum wearing comfort and are of the highest optical quality.

Creating prospects – maintaining values – taking responsibility
We place great importance on our employees, society and the environment. We are creating sustainable values and prospects for all of these – both today and for future generations. Germany is especially close to our hearts, and we will continue to provide secure jobs there in the future.
Moreover, we are involved in numerous initiatives to support work with children and young people in our region – because they are our future.

Success with good ideas and ground-breaking innovation
The success story of optoVision® began in 1979 when Günter Agotz and Jürgen Braun founded the company, at that time still located in Raiffeisenstraße in Langen. Since then, optoVision® has grown continuously, and now has more than 400 employees. The manufacturing facility was expanded and refurbished several times before finally being newly constructed in its present location at 17, Heinrich-Hertz-Straße.