I love winter and enjoy being on the ski slopes, but I don't like the glare. I wear lenses which let me see well in snow and make me look good.

> Find out her secret.

She is looking through > Orgalit Sport Polalit lenses by optovision, which offer perfect glare protection from sunlight reflection and are optimized for the use in special sports glasses. And, she will not get blinded.

Although the day was long and the publishing deadline is imminent: My mind has to be alert and my eyes need to have everything in focus. As a journalist I owe this to my readers. I require lenses which perfectly adapt to my demands to ensure my vision does not get tired.

> Learn about his secret

He sees through > O´Design You lenses by optoVision. Perfectly adapted to his individual optical requirements and enhanced with the latest physiological findings, these lenses provide the highest visual comfort with maximum visual field.

If performance - then best performance: that´s my personal conviction. Sport allows me to live this conviction and to raise the bar everytime. I thus need lenses which support me by offering me optimum visual comfort as well as absolute safety.

> Find out his secret

He is wearing optoVision sports lenses, which offer the best performance even under extreme conditions. That means more pleasure, higher performance and perfect protection for the eyes. And all this with lenses optimized by optoVision in a way that they are extremly light, robust and thanks to modern technology offer the best optical quality despite their strong curvature.

Live to see.

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